COMMENTS for SPELLING (general and specific) are included within the Report Card and IEP Comments book. Have a look at the several sample comments for reporting that have been listed for you below. To make writing of report cards easier, every report card comment in this book has been ranked and organized according to subject, topic, length, and positive or negative nature. Save valuable time by simply inserting student’s name into the comment that best matches level of recorded achievement. You will find writing, searching, and sight-reading of 1830 report card comments easy as key words have been bolded and pages designed uncluttered, bright, and pleasing to the eye. All comments are “copy and paste” enabled. Have a look at the PDF sample comments below for list of areas that the comments cover.


___________ is encouraged to review his/her spelling lists during ___________ in order to maintain current gains. (G)

___________’s ability to spell words continues to improve. ___________ is learning to look for spelling patterns and use all available tools to improve spelling. (P)

___________ continues to make simple spelling errors in his/her writing. Regular, daily reading and working at home on his/her personal high frequency words list would help spell correctly some of these words. (N)

Teacher Report Card Comments:  1830 report card comments in following areas: Language, Math, Writing, Spelling, Behavior, Introductory comments, Homework, Class participation, Group work, Problem solving, Attending and Concentrating, Behavior, Proofreading and editing, Written expression, General reading comments, Reading comprehension, Decoding, Reading fluency, Oral communication, Listening skills, Self-control, Motivation, Work habit, Organizational and Social skills, Math, Problem solving, Science... and more! Grades: K – 12
ISBN 0-9689702-7-3
Downloadable PDF File, 180 Pages, 1830 comments
Table of Contents, Homework Comments, Introductory Comments

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