Teacher satisfaction is something that we take pride in, and teachers have recognized this through the unsolicited comments sent to us (see teacher testimonials).

Until very recently we had a policy of granting a complete refund for all purchases made, no questions asked, but unfortunately, this is no longer the case, mainly because of a recent trend by a very small minority of teachers to purchase downloadable books-resources, receive a refund, and then simply continue to use the downloaded book file. As the result, resource purchased from www.TeacherReportCardComments.com online are no longer refundable. Please use the available and plentiful samples to get a good idea regarding the content of this and other books also being offered at www.TimesaversForTeachers.com before buying.

Moreover, no refunds will be given for purchases of a CD of  book file that has already been shipped. Refunds will not be provided for either the cost of the item or the cost of shipping.

No refund for the newsletter membership fee of $5 will be given to teachers simply because all subscribers have already been sent the two complimentary, downloadable books, and given the 40% discount for every Timesaving KIT and the discount Teacher’s Binder offer. Moreover, numerous other freebies have also been sent to subscribers in their follow-up email messages.

If you have any questions regarding the refund policy, please use the Contact link.