All report card comments below are free to be used for your reporting needs and are only several samples selected out of the larger collection of 1830 time-saving comments listed within the Report Card and IEP Comments book. Have a look at the free sample comments below and see how practical and ready they are for immediate use.


INTRODUCTORY report card comments:

___________ has made (some/ good/ excellent) progress this term. (G)

___________ remains focused in class, but (often/ occasionally/ rarely) needs reminders to stay on task. (G)

HOMEWORK COMPLETION report card comments:

Regular completion of assigned homework is required. (N)

It is recommended that ___________ complete all homework to the best of ability and seek teacher assistance when concepts are not understood. (N)

WRITING report card comments:

Writes (few/ one or more/ numerous) simple sentences that contain appropriate punctuation. (G)

(with teacher assistance/ with some assistance/ often/ successfully) completes written assignments. (G)

PROOFREADING and EDITING report card comments:

___________ has made some progress in area of writing conventions but spelling, punctuation and grammar continue to be a significant challenge. (P,N)

Editing of own work is a difficult task for ___________ but he/she has been observed working diligently on this part of the writing process. (N,P)

SPELLING report card comments:

All words must be proofread and edited for spelling errors in the work that is submitted for evaluation. ___________ has made progress in learning how to spell high frequency words in class. (P)

Spelling errors, sentence structure, and independent proofreading remain areas that require attention and remediation. (N)

READING report card comments:

___________ correctly describes [retells] (few/ some/ most/ all) of the facts, ideas, events, details and information. (G)

___________ reads variety of novels at his/her functioning level independently, and (often/ always/ usually) choses appropriate reading material. (P)

Interpreting what has been read, and finding supporting evidence, continues to be (is often) a challenge for ___________. (N)

READING COMPRENSION report card comments:

___________ understands what has been read through the use of strategies (with much/ some/ little) success and (much/ some/ no) assistance. (G)

Continued opportunities to re-tell what he/she has read, in proper order, would be of benefit. (N)

ORAL COMMUNICATION report card comments:

Communicates (shares/expresses) ideas, opinions, thoughts and feelings with (little/ some/ much) clarity and confidence. (G)

___________ requires urging to use verbal expression and engage in class discussions. (N)

CLASS PARTICIPATION (also BEHAVIOR) report card comments:

Non-stop distractibility often (seriously/ greatly) hinders communication with teacher and others. (N,N)

Inability to remain focused and follow instructions has had an impact on ___________’s academic progress. (N,N)

MATHEMATICS report card comments:

___________ has successfully completed (few/ some/ most/ all) of the requirements of (the mathematics curriculum/ this mathematics strand) this term. (G)

__________ rushes through his/her work and often ignores the important details, which usually leads to inaccurate results and lower marks.(N)

WRITING PROCESS report card comments:

___________ arranges ideas into paragraphs with (some/ much/ great deal of) teacher guidance, supervision, and assistance. (G)

___________ is encouraged to work on the development and organization of ideas in written work. (N)

LANGUAGE CONVENTIONS report card comments:

___________ Writes (few/ one or more/ numerous) simple sentences that contain appropriate and accurate punctuation, grammar and spelling. (G)

___________ uses advanced conventions in (stories, personal and daily writing, etc.,) accurately, routinely and confidently. (P)

GROUP WORK report card comments:

___________ participates in group discussion, using appropriate language and complete sentences. (P)

___________ Frequent distractibility and lack of focus often prevent (hinder/inhibit) successful communication with teachers and peers. (N,N)

PROBLEM SOLVING report card comments:

___________ perseveres through challenging tasks and (usually/ always) tries hard to follow through with the recommended problem-solving process. (P)

___________ continues to improve in this area, but at a slower pace. Verbal interruptions and negativity by ___________ are hindering learning. (P,N)

ATTENDING and CONCENTRATING report card comments:

___________ is to be congratulated for improving his/her ability to attend and concentrate in class. (P)

___________ needs frequent reminders to begin his/her work, focus on a given activity and remain on task. (N)

CLASS BEHAVIOR report card comments:

___________ shows ability to pay attention in class, asking and appropriately answering relevant questions. (P)

___________ needs frequent reminders not to interrupt and to work quietly. Greater degree of self-control during lessons must be exercised. (N)

EFFORT and MOTIVATION report card comments:

___________ has shown considerable improvement in effort and motivation this term. (P)

He/she needs to assume greater responsibility for being prepared for class with notes and materials readily available to commence work. (N)